Sitting Here Staring

Salvador Dali, Summer.


I Left My Wallet In El Segundo…I Gotta Get It, I Got Got To Get It lol

Your 20’s are all about taking your childhood out on everyone around you
— Bill Burr (via nothingman)


Jimi Hendrix holding a copy of Electric Ladyland - 1968
I got some pills and they were awesome - I took them for a long time. And my New Age-y friends would go ‘you know, you’re still feeling your anxiety, you’re just masking it with medication.’ And I said ‘Yes! It’s what it says on the label of the fucking pill! You know, in the winter I still feel the cold, I just mask it with a coat. What is your addiction to suffering?’
— Dana Gould (interview on The Nerdist podcast)

(Source: gestureofmybrain)

Like my father,
I have two basic emotions:
Rage… and
suppressed rage.
— Dana Gould (via mygod-is-thesun)


Dana Gould // The Super Serious Show
Bridgetown Comedy Festival 2013
*Photo by Mandee Johnson

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